What you need to bring and further instructions (READ THESE CAREFULLY):
You must supply your own equipment.

• Mass. LTC Class A or FID permit (must be with you during class)
• Eye and ear protection designed for shooting (electronic ear pro is
• Hat with a brim; clothes suitable for training; footwear appropriate
for rapid movement (no sandals or open-toe shoes). This class is conducted
outdoors—dress for the weather.
• A pump-action or semi-auto shotgun chambered in either 12 or 20 gauge. Your
gun must have a butt stock — NO guns with stand-alone pistol grips allowed.

See below for examples of stock types:


• Be familiar with how your shotgun operates and test fire it before the class date.
• A way to carry spare ammo. A side-saddle on the receiver or stock is ideal or
use something like shotgun cards, bandolier sling, or belt-mounted pouches. Pants or jacket pockets are not a proper means to carry ammo.
• Bead, ghost ring, or rifle sights are acceptable. Optics such as red dots are also fine–no magnification.
• A tactical sling is recommended but not required.
• Dummy ammunition appropriate for your firearm (4 to 5 rounds recommended).
• Live Ammunition: 75 rounds of lead birdshot (#6, 7.5, 8, or 9 are acceptable); 25
rounds of buckshot; 5 slugs.
• Water or sports drinks to stay hydrated and snacks.
• A pen and pad are recommended if you wish to take notes.
• Feel free to contact us for advice on choosing any equipment for this class. And
test all of your equipment ahead of time to be sure of fit and function.
• Get some range time in ahead of the class date, especially if you haven’t shot in
a while.

You are responsible for bringing the correct gear to class. Students who arrive for
class lacking equipment or with inappropriate gear may not participate. Contact us at paladingrouptraining@gmail.com with any questions.