Handgun Basics: For those who wish to gain a strong foundation in handgun operation, safety, and shooting fundamentals. Learn more.

Defensive Pistol 1.0: Learn the core skills needed to defend yourself with a pistol. This course is the first step in our Defensive Pistol series. Learn more.

Defensive Pistol Refresh: Already taken one of our Defensive Pistol classes (or one elsewhere) but it’s been a while and you feel like a tune up is in order? Then our Defensive Pistol Refresh is your chance to review core defensive pistol skills in a fast-paced and affordable session. Learn more.

Defensive Pistol 2.0: The follow up to our Defensive Pistol 1.0 class—Defensive Pistol 2.0 delves deeper into the defensive/tactical shooting discipline with new drills to further enhance your skills. Learn more.

Advanced Defensive Pistol Workshops: This series of classes features advanced shooting positions, pistol manipulations, and tactics. In each Workshop we’ll run core defensive drills along with supplemental advanced drills specific to that particular class. Learn more.

Mechanics of Concealed Carry: The primary focus will be on getting in many reps (building muscle memory) safely drawing a pistol from concealment (inside-the-waistband or outside-the waistband holster), shooting, and holstering under the guidance of instructors. Learn more.