(Formerly known as Intro to Defensive Pistol)

Learn the core skills needed to defend yourself with a pistol. This introductory defensive pistol class is the first step in our Defensive Pistol series.

Participants will learn:
-Safe drawing and holstering of firearm
-Shooting for center mass (The Box)
-Quick and efficient reloading and clearing common malfunctions
-One-handed shooting
-How to identify and shoot from cover
-Basic flashlight techniques and more

Note: This course is for those with a MA LTC Class A license who possess intermediate pistol shooting skills, practice excellent gun safety, and who are familiar with their firearm. This is not the class for people new to firearms or those with little experience shooting pistols. If you are new to pistols or need a refresher, look into taking our Handgun Basics class or Pistol Skill Builder. Also, this course requires physical activity, including periods of rapid movement and kneeling. Please be realistic about your abilities.

Click Here for the Required Equipment List.

Upcoming Class Dates:
(limited to 8 students per class)

Saturday, November 4, 2023 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (6 spots open)

Price: $160 per student ($140 for DF&GC members). A $40 deposit is required to register; do not send a deposit until asked to do so.

This class is held at Danvers Fish & Game Club in Middleton, MA.
If you have questions about this class, contact paladingrouptraining@gmail.com.

Some articles to help you prepare for this class:
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