“Just wanted to give a shoutout to Paladin Group Training and recommend them to anyone looking to get better with the shotgun near the North Shore. Took their class last week at Danvers Fish and Game and had a blast.

Went over tactical reloads and shooting from cover/moving to cover and of course recoil management. Class size was also capped at 8 students with 2 instructors so had lots of personal feedback and help. Honestly was a great value since the class was only $80. Looking forward to taking their Pistol and Advanced Shotgun classes soon.” – Jerry M.

“Excellent training with professional experienced instructors. Highly recommend.” – Todd D.

“I’ve taken a lot of classes and most places do not engage on a one on one level with their students. Students are generally left to their own devices to improve, but not at Paladin. Brian helps address and implement what he teaches, which is really great and makes his class worth it more than just paying to shoot drills.” – Joel M.

“Great training it was very helpful.” – Chris Z.

“I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. I’m hoping I can make it for the advanced class next month.” – Alex V.

“I appreciated lots of repetitions for ingraining the skills taught.” – Karl L.

“Thank you again Ron for hanging over and monitoring me. I did not mind at all and was only pissed at myself if anything for repeatedly not holding my gun efficiently . . . . The combined knowledge that you two have is amazing.” – Scott W.

“This is one of the best tactical training I’ve attended. Ron and Brian are laser focus on safety. If you want to learn proper techniques, safety, and confidence handling a firearm this is the right place to achieve it. Thumbs up!!! – Rob C.

“Your well thought out live fire drills covered a broad array of skills while stressing the proper use of handling a weapon. It was very effective in improving my pistol shooting performance. I much appreciated the many subtle moves you taught us to improve our skills and the reasoning behind these moves. I look forward to your next class. – Terry S.