Pistol Red Dot Workshop: Have you made the switch to a micro red dot optic on your pistol? The advantages tend to outweigh the financial cost and practice time to acclimate. If you’ve already made the switch but need some help getting used to this new sighting system, then this class is for you.

A combination of classroom and range time (at the Indoor Range in winter), this class will help you learn about the advantages of the micro red dot, aid you in picking up the reticle, and provide other tips to make the transition from iron sights easier.

Note: Students must have a valid Massachusetts LTC (resident or non-resident) in order to take this class. This will NOT be a class drawing from the holster. However, be sure you have the required equipment to participate.

Upcoming Class Dates:

Sunday, February 4, 2024 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. CLASS CANCELLED DUE TO EQUIPMENT ISSUES AT DFGC’S INDOOR RANGE. We hope to have a new date scheduled at the outdoor range to take place in March or April. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Price: $100 per student ($80 for DF&GC members). After submitting your registration form (below), you will be contacted regarding payment. We accept Venmo and credit cards. Do not pay until contacted with either a credit card or Venmo invoice from us. Payment is typically due within 24 hours of invoicing in order to reserve your spot in the class.

This class is held at Danvers Fish & Game Club in Middleton, MA, and both club members and non-members may register to attend.

Paladin Group Training Class Policies

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Paladin Group Training Class Policies