WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING and further instructions (PLEASE READ THESE

• Mass. LTC Class A permit and current DF&GC member card (only necessary if you are a member of the club). These credentials must be with you on class day.
• Eye and ear protection made for shooting (electronic ear pro is recommended—easier for you to hear range commands) Note: Noise canceling headphones (Bose, Sony, etc.) are not ear protection. YOU MUST SUPPLY YOUR OWN EYE AND EAR PROTECTION–we have none to loan out.
• Hat with a brim (to keep hot shell casings out of hair/face). Clothing appropriate for the weather (no sandals or open-toe shoes).
• A semi-auto pistol with a micro red dot sight mounted and sighted in. Both centerfire and rimfire pistols are acceptable. Be sure to use blue threadlocker (removable) on your screws and torque according to the manufacturer’s specs. If you have trouble mounting the optic or lack the tools, most local gun shops offer this service. We recommend Northeast Arms on Route 1 in Peabody, MA.
• Bring with you any adjustment tools and directions that came with your optic.
Pistol must be brought to the range in a case. Firearms will remain cased until the range session.
• At least two magazines
• At least 200 rounds of ammunition
• Snacks and water
• A pen and pad are recommended if you wish to take notes

Paladin Group Training Class Policies