Where: Outdoor Pistol Range at Danvers Fish & Game Club
20 Birch Road, Middleton, MA

Note: Students need to have a valid Mass. LTC in order to take this class as well as the required equipment.

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING and further instructions (PLEASE READ THESE

• Mass. LTC and current DF&GC member card (only necessary if you are a member of the club). These credentials must be with you on class day.
• Eye and ear protection made for shooting (electronic ear pro is recommended—easier for you to hear range commands) Note: Noise canceling headphones (Bose, Sony, etc.) are not ear protection. YOU MUST SUPPLY YOUR OWN EYE AND EAR PROTECTION–we have none to loan out.
• Hat with a brim (to keep hot shell casings out of hair/face). Clothing appropriate for the weather (no sandals or open-toe shoes).
• A semi-auto pistol: full-size, mid-size, and larger-sized compact pistols are fine—NO sub-compact or micro/pocket pistols. Smaller guns are not easy to learn on; you’ll find bigger guns are better for training. The skills you learn on a mid-size/full-size gun can be transferred with practice to a smaller carry gun. Both centerfire and rimfire pistols are acceptable.
If you do not have a pistol, you may borrow one from the instructors for a $10 fee (ammo included).
Pistol must be brought to the range in a case. Firearms will remain cased until class begins and instructors have given the okay to remove guns from cases.
• At least two magazines
• 150 rounds of ammunition
• Water or sports drinks
• A pen and pad are recommended if you wish to take notes

Paladin Group Training Class Policies