What you need to bring and further instructions (READ THESE CAREFULLY):
You must supply your own equipment—we have none to borrow.

• Massachusetts LTC (must be with you during class). If you are not a Massachusetts resident, you must have a Non-Resident LTC to train with us.
• Eye and ear protection designed for shooting (electronic ear pro is recommended—easier for you to hear range commands).
• Hat with a brim; clothes suitable for training; footwear appropriate for rapid movement (no sandals or open-toe shoes). This class is conducted outdoors—wear clothing appropriate for the weather.
• Rigid gun belt capable of supporting the weight of a loaded pistol and extra magazines.
• Semi-auto pistol: full-size, mid-size, and larger compact pistols are fine—NO sub-compact or micro/pocket pistols. Your class firearm should be NO SMALLER than a SIG P320 Compact, Smith & Wesson M&P Compact 2.0, or Glock 19 for reference. No revolvers or rimfire pistols. If you’re unsure whether your pistol can be used in this class, feel free to contact us.
• At least three magazines. 10-round mags are ideal. If your pistol only accepts mags with less than 10-round capacity, please bring at least four mags to class.
• Strong-side, outside-the-waist-band (OWB), belt-mounted, kydex/polymer holster. No inside-the-waist holsters. No SERPA-type holsters. No clip-on holsters. No fabric/nylon/leather holsters. No strap/flap holsters of any kind. There are quality, inexpensive kydex/polymer holsters out there that will serve you well for training. Duty holsters/rigs are welcome as long as they meet the above criteria.
Belt-mounted magazine pouches (kydex/polymer preferred) to hold at least two magazines.
300 rounds of ammunition appropriate for your firearm.
• Water or sports drinks to stay hydrated and snacks.
• A pen and pad are recommended if you wish to take notes.

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You are responsible for bringing the correct gear to class. Students who arrive for
class lacking equipment or with inappropriate gear may not participate.