What you need to bring and further instructions (READ THESE CAREFULLY). Yes, it’s long but please read before registering.

Mass. LTC (must be with you during class). If you are not a Massachusetts resident, you must have a Non-Resident LTC to train with us. Also, if you’re a member of Danvers Fish & Game Club, you must have your membership photo ID card with you.
• Semi-automatic AR-15, Tavor, or AK variant rifle chambered in a centerfire cartridge (examples : 5.56×45 [.223], 5.45×39, 7.62×39, 7.62×51), (other platforms/calibers may be allowed pending instructor approval). NO rifles chambered for rimfire cartridges and NO full-auto firearms allowed, including binary triggers and other rapid-fire assist devices (if it’s on your gun, take it off before class).
• At least two pre-ban, high-capacity 30-round mags (pre-bans for the AR and AK platforms are available in state and online). If you do not have pre-ban, high-capacity magazines, bring at least four 10-round mags. TIP: Always bring more mags than required to a class–in case one gets damaged.
• At least 300 rounds of FMJ ammunition for your rifle.
• 5 dummy rounds for your rifle. We will have a limited supply of 5.56 dummies to borrow.
A tactical sling is required–two-point tactical sling is recommended (three-point slings are fine but not recommended). You will be wearing your rifle across the front of your body during class (hunting-style carry strap slings typically do not work). One-point slings are not ideal. EXAMPLES of good two-point tactical slings: Vickers Sling, Specter Raider II, First Spear Operator, Magpul MS1, VTAC Original. And choose mounting hardware accordingly. Seek help if you need it.
• Red dot optics are highly recommended. LPVOs and fixed low magnification battle sights like ACOGS will work as well. Iron sights are also fine but not ideal. No hunting style magnified scopes.
• Any tools you may need to adjust zero on optics/iron sights
• Pouches for your magazines (belt and/or vest/carrier mounted). In addition, a dump pouch is strongly recommended.
• Quality gun belt, battle belt, or LBV/plate carrier/chest rig
• No sidearms. However, you may have an empty holster on your belt/vest/carrier if you wish. If you arrive to class with a CCW, you will be asked to secure it in a locked case for the duration of the class.
• Knee pads and shooting gloves are recommended but not required.
• Wraparound protective eyewear made for shooting. MUST have protection on the sides.
• Ear protection made for shooting—electronic hearing protection is highly recommended so you can hear range commands.
• Hat with a brim; clothes suitable for training; footwear appropriate for rapid movement (no sandals or open-toe shoes). This class is conducted outdoors—wear clothing appropriate for the weather.
• Bring water or sports drinks to stay hydrated and snacks. We’ll break for lunch at some point–we recommend brown bagging it (refrigerator, microwave, and small dining area available in the heated/air conditioned rangehouse). There are a few local take-out places.
• A pen and pad are recommended if you wish to take notes.
Feel free to contact us for advice on choosing any equipment for this class. Try on/mount and test all of your equipment ahead of time to be sure of fit and function.

Note: You may have other devices such as flashlights, lasers, etc. mounted on your rifle—however, they will not be used in this training session.

You are responsible for bringing the correct gear to class. Students who arrive for
class lacking equipment or with inappropriate gear may not participate. Contact us at paladingrouptraining@gmail.com with any questions.