Handgun Basics: For those who wish to gain a strong foundation in handgun operation, safety, and shooting fundamentals. Applicable to both new and long-time shooters who have not received prior firearms training but who are licensed.

There is a live-fire component to it conducted in the club’s Indoor Range using instructors’ guns and ammunition. Do not bring your own guns or ammunition for this class.

Note: Students need to have a valid Mass. LTC in order to take this class.
This is not a safety class to get licensed. This course has not been approved by the Massachusetts State Police as a Basic Firearms Safety Course.

Price: $120 per student ($100 for DF&GC members). A $40 deposit is required; do not send a deposit until asked to do so.

Upcoming Class Dates:

No additional Basics classes until October.

This class is held at Danvers Fish & Game Club in Middleton, MA.

Paladin Group Training Class Policies

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Paladin Group Training Class Policies