For those who wish to gain a strong foundation in handgun operation, safety, and shooting fundamentals. Applicable to both new and long-time shooters who have not received basic handgun training but who are licensed. Classroom curriculum covers basic safety considerations; loading and unloading; range rules/etiquette; stance, grip, sight alignment/picture using dummy guns; and more.

There is a live-fire component conducted at the club’s Outdoor Range using instructors’ .22 caliber pistols and ammunition toward the end of the class. Do not bring your own guns or ammunition for this class.

Note: Students must have a valid Massachusetts LTC (resident or non-resident) in order to take this class. This is not a safety class to get licensed. This course has not been approved by the Massachusetts State Police as a Basic Firearms Safety Course.

Upcoming Class Dates:

This class will return in winter 2024/2025.

Price: $120 per student ($100 for DF&GC members). After submitting your registration form (below), you will be contacted regarding payment. We accept Venmo and credit cards. Do not pay until contacted with either a credit card or Venmo invoice from us. Payment is typically due within 24 hours of invoicing in order to reserve your spot in the class.

This class is held at Danvers Fish & Game Club in Middleton, MA, and both club members and non-members may register to attend.

Paladin Group Training Class Policies

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Paladin Group Training Class Policies