Already taken one of our Defensive Pistol classes (or one elsewhere) but it’s been a while and you feel like a tune up is in order? Then our Defensive Pistol Refresh is your chance to review core defensive pistol skills in a fast-paced and affordable session.

Students will review the following:

  • Proper and safe drawing and reholstering of the pistol
  • Shooting for center mass (The Box)
  • Fast and efficient reloads (emergency and tactical)
  • How to clear common malfunctions and get back into action quick
  • One-handed shooting and more

Price: $70 per student ($60 for DF&GC members). A $30 deposit is required to register; do not send a deposit until asked to do so.

Click here for a list of required equipment.

Note: This course is for those with a MA LTC Class A license. Students need to have taken either our Intro to Defensive Pistol class or another handgun class drawing from a holster with a recognized trainer/academy. Also, this course requires physical activity; please be realistic about your abilities.



If you have questions about this class, contact To REGISTER for this class, please fill out the form below.

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