Where: Main Hall and Indoor Range at Danvers Fish & Game Club
20 Birch Road, Middleton, MA

Purpose: This is a class for those who already have a Mass. LTC and who wish
to gain a strong foundation in handgun operation, safety, and shooting
fundamentals. It is applicable to both new and long-time shooters who have not
received prior handgun training or who require a refresher. Class day is divided
into two portions: morning is classroom instruction in the Main Hall, followed by a
live-fire session in the afternoon conducted in the club’s Indoor Range using
instructors’ guns and ammunition. Do not bring your own guns or ammunition
for this class.

Note: Students need to have a valid Mass. LTC in order to take this class.
This is not a safety class to get licensed. This course has not been approved by
the Massachusetts State Police as a Basic Firearms Safety Course.

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING and further instructions (PLEASE READ THESE

• Mass. LTC Class A permit and current DF&GC member card (only if you are a
member of the club). These credentials must be with you on class day.
• Eye and ear protection made for shooting (electronic ear pro is
recommended—easier for you to hear range commands) Note: Noise canceling
headphones (Bose, Sony, etc.) are not ear protection. YOU MUST SUPPLY YOUR OWN EYE AND EAR PROTECTION–we have none to loan out.
• Baseball hat (wear during range session to keep hot shell casings out of
hair/face); comfortable long pants and shirt with collar or crew neck (again
to keep shell casings out); boots or sneakers (no sandals or open-toe
• Water or sports drinks to stay hydrated and a lunch.
• A pen and pad are recommended if you wish to take notes

Paladin Group Training Class Policies