A series of short classes focused on specific elements of defensive pistol shooting. This allows students to really hone in and refine a particular skill with the guidance of trained, experienced instructors.

Note: This course is for those with a MA LTC Class A license. Students need to have taken either our Intro to Defensive Pistol class or another handgun class drawing from a holster with a recognized trainer/academy. Also, this course requires physical activity; please be realistic about your abilities.

2022 Class Dates:

This class is held at Danvers Fish and Game Club in Middleton, MA.

Price: $60 per student ($50 for DF&GC members). A $30 deposit is required to register; do not send a deposit until asked to do so. Equipment requirements are much the same as our other Defensive Pistol classes. Approximate round count is 150 to 200 rounds.

After you submit your registration form using the button above, we will get back to you with next steps. If you have questions about this class, contact paladingrouptraining@gmail.com.

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